Winter is here!

Winter has set in again and with the cold and wet weather comes a variety of new pest problems. Like humans, mice and rats like a nice warm place to stay and unfortunately that is usually in and around our homes. Areas such as our roof voids, wall cavities, garages and sheds make for ideal places for rodents to seek shelter and set up their homes.

Greasy weep hole where mice have been entering into wall cavity

Rodents can make quite a mess where they urinate and defecate along there trails and in their nests. On top of this they are known to carry disease which can cause other health issues amongst humans.

Its not just a case of putting out some bait or traps to solve a rodent problem. It takes an integrated approach such as sealing entry points, removing shelter as well as baiting and trapping to successfully eradicate the population.

Why struggle with this and fail when you can call the experts and have the problem taken care of.

So if you see or hear something, contact Terminix today on 8532 1493

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