The Dreaded Cockroach


There are many species of Cockroaches, but some can pose a serious health risk in and around your home. This is due to their indiscriminate feeding from sources such as sewers, drains and garage areas alike, which brings them in contact with diseases.


These diseases can include:


  • salmonella and other organisms associated with dysentery

  • typhoid

  • hepatitis

  • tuberculosis


Cockroaches are nocturnal creatures and are therefore rarely seen during the day, unless there is a large infestation so if you are seeing them during the day, you more than likely have a huge problem.


How to control?

Cockroach control starts with the elimination of the infestation through a number of methods. These include;


  • Application of liquid insecticides to cockroach harbourage areas


  • Insecticidal dusting around sensitive harbourage areas


  • Appling gel baits for cockroaches to feed on


  • Hygiene methods such as covering food sources and cleaning grease build up is also needed.


The humble cockroach is believed to be one of the only creatures that would survive a nuclear attack. Using supermarket roach bombs wont really fix the problem and can be quite dangerous to use if not handled correctly.


Terminix can TERMINATE your roaches giving you peace of mind that the problem has been eliminated.

"Cockroaches are nocturnal creatures, If you see one during the day chances are you have an infestation"

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