There are over 1300 ant species throughout Australia, but only several that pose a pest problem to our homes and family. These problems can include contaminating food when they are foraging and feeding in our kitchens and pantry’s. Or just being a nuisance as they trail and build nests along our paths and in our gardens.


What many people do not realise is that ants are also notorious for causing electrical shortage and damage to electrical wiring and appliances as they like to congregate in and around these places. This can be a very expensive even dangerous problem to have in your home.


How do we  control ants?

The first step to controlling Ants is for our experienced technicians to identify the species. Once this has been done the most effective control methods can be used. These include;


  • Dust treatments to roof voids and cavity walls


  • Placing ant baits both inside and outside the home, wherever ants are feeding


  • Applying liquid insecticide treatments around external perimeter areas of the home and treating ant trails  and nests directly along paths and in gardens.


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